Monday, September 24, 2012

The Reason I'll never use MongoDB again

MongoDB has been getting lots of mixed reviews on Hacker News.

I also have had a particularly poor experience with MongoDB...

A few months ago, I met some nice people from 10Gen. They gave me a a MongoDB mug.

Now after moderate use with a high quality brand of tea ( and a industry standard version of a dishwasher ( there have been some disturbing results:

The data stored on this mug has started to fade away badly.  If this is what happens to the data I can see - what about all the data in the database? Worse again - no errors were thrown (I'm running in default mode)

Fearing the worst I migrated our corporate MongoDB instance to a etch-a-sketch stored in a vibration proof room.

I know I could have raised a bug about this or tried to get some support but a long blog post and a quick over-reaction is a more pragmatic approach. At the very least 10Gen could send me a new mug.

So if you are still using MongoDB - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...